Josefov District

Prague Czech Republic Tourist Information and Vacation Guide

Prague, Czech Republic
Prague, Czech Republic

The Josefov District is one of five areas of Prague that are worth visiting.  Situated on the eastern side of the Vltava River, directly north of Prague's "Old Town", Josefov has been home to a thriving Jewish community since the middle ages.

Many churches, synagogues, museums and historic buildings can be found in this area of Prague.  There are also dozens of excellent restaurants.

Religious institutions in the Josefov District include the following:

  • Church of the Holy Ghost
  • Church of St. Castullus
  • Church of St. Simon and St. Jude
  • High Synagogue
  • Klausen Synagogue
  • Maisel Synagogue
  • Old-New Synagogue
  • Pinkas Synagogue
  • Spanish Synagogue

Other top attractions in this area of Prague are the following:

  • Cubist Houses
  • Jewish Town Hall
  • Museum of Decorative Arts
  • Old Jewish Cemetery
  • Rudolfinum (concert hall)
  • St. Agnes of Bohemia Convent


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