Castle District

Prague Czech Republic Tourist Information and Vacation Guide

Prague, Czech Republic
Prague, Czech Republic

The Prague Castle and adjacent town of Hradcany is one of the five districts that visitors must explore.  It is located on the western side of the Vltava River, just north of the "Little Quarter".

There are five palaces located in this district of Prague:

  1. Old Royal Palace
  2. Belvedere Palace
  3. Archbishop's Palace
  4. Martinic Palace
  5. Cernin Palace

Among the many beautiful churches in the area are: St. Vitus's Cathedral and St. George's Basilica.  Other religious sites include the Capuchin Monastery, Loretto and Strahov Monastery.

Museums and art galleries in the Hradcany District of Prague include the following:

  1. Picture Gallery (Prague Castle)
  2. Lobkowicz Palace
  3. Riding School
  4. Sternberg Palace
  5. Schwarzenberg Palace

Visitors to Prague who enjoy parks and gardens should not miss the Royal Gardens and South Gardens.


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